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Misson Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals by giving them the tools to self invest and plan for their future. 

Vision Statement

To prepare for tomorrows careers and beyond.



Troi Stoessel

Founder & CEO

Troi Stoessel has always had a passion for helping people.  He started his career in New York  as a case manager providing services for the mentally disabled, troubled youth, foster children, and homeless individuals.  With the idea of assisting a greater number of people he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and later a master’s degree in business.  These achievements enabled Troi to  quickly move into management positions where he  trained staff on providing quality care services, as he once did. After relocating to Florida in 2008, Troi obtained a position as a Career Consultant during the market crash.  This experience inspired a shift in his career and a second  passion emerged.  He saw how unemployment played a devastating role to people and how hard it was to overcome.  At that time, Troi realized he was helping hundreds of people, of various ages, find employment.  He also realized people were not preparing themselves appropriately for a career.  At the same time, Troi started working as an Adjunct Professor at a local College in the Business program.  During his time there, at the beginning of the semester, he would always start the class by asking: What do you plan to do after you graduate? Approximately 20% of the class either did not know or they had unrealistic expectations of what to expect in the job market.  This reminded him of his high school experience – not having a plan after graduation.  Troi felt he received very little guidance from high school counselors as to what to expect or what to do.  This delayed his career by 7 years after he graduated.  After doing some research, Troi realized this is an ongoing and serious problem in our society that needs to be addressed. 

Due to his experiences and identifying a problem that affects millions of people, in addition to knowing we all are living in a dynamic economic climate, Troi founded Forward Thinking Consulting (FTC).  His plan for FTC is to provide the building blocks for young adults to properly prepare them for life after graduation.  His passion has evolved from helping people to empowering people to help themselves. Troi believes that if you give a person the tools (knowledge) to be successful, they will be able to navigate past various obstacles that they may experience throughout life. 

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