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Career Exploration

This course will help students prepare and position themselves to make the next-step transition after high school.  Each student will complete a career interest survey that will guide their inquiry into the changing job market. Through their responses, students will identify their top three career clusters of interest. They will dig deeper to identify career fields and titles and then the education and skills needed to pursue them.

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This course will help young adults learn about what to consider as well as the process of starting a business.  It will explore the basic concepts and also apply a simulation project where students will actually prepare a professional business plan proposal.  Students will develop leadership and problem solving skills, understand the importance of making ethical decisions, develop public speaking skills, proper social and business etiquette, analyze possible solutions to specific business problems, and develop an increase understanding of the business world. 



Young adults are better equipped to achieve their career goals through leadership education. It Increases confidence, resilience, emotional control, and develops resourcefulness, accountability. Our leadership course helps students determine their leadership style while imagining themselves in a leadership role outside of the classroom.

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Financial Literacy & Personal Finance 

Financial literacy leads to better personal finance behavior. Generally, young people do not understand the complexities of personal finance - debit and credit cards, credit reports or scores, mortgages, car loans and banking. Financial literacy and personal finance education provide students with the knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.


Investing & the Stock Market

Savings accounts are a safe bet and an easy concept to grasp, the real earning power comes from investing hard-earned cash. Investing education prepares young adults for present and long-term financial security. 



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Career assessments are used to help educate students about themselves and their career opportunities. These assessments are one of the most fundamental tools to career guidance.  It plays a critical role in moving students from a state of unawareness and confusion into their next opportunity.

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Career Roadmap

Students will complete the Career Exploration course with a Career Roadmap.  The career roadmap is a strategic plan that helps students define their career goal, which includes the major milestones needed to reach it.

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